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The Dupla Criativa turn ideas into results, developing strategical and effective solutions for your business. We are specialists in corporate communication and we work to build successful positioning and brands.

We work in the field of brand management and creation, visual identity, institutional stationary, infographics, graphic design, webdesign, digital marketing, events, press office, advertisement & marketing and every channel between a brand and its audience.

We are a transparent, independent, young and innovative media and marketing agency, that values the quality of the work offered. The partners are directly involved in every step of the projects, assuring the deadline fulfillment and the constant search of excellence and results.

In the market for five years, the Duypla have clients in the Rio – Sao Paulo gap, in Sul Fluminense cities (Barra Mansa, Volta Redonda e Resende), Baixada Fluminense, Niterói and Região dos Lagos (Lake Region), going all the way to Brasilia, Macapá e Rio Branco (AC).

Nice to meet you! We are the Dupla Criativa, the agency that will transform your business.


  • Press officer

    We build a positive image of our clients in several media channels (TV, web, radio, magazines and newspapers).

  • Content and Editorial

    We create customized publications, magazines, newsletter, annual reports, social balance sheets, multimedia presentations, visual identity guides and infographics.

  • Corporate Communications

    We develop and implement communications projects to improve the image, reputation and performance of organizations in the business market.

  • Digital marketing, websites and social media

    A Dupla produz layouts e conteúdos customizados para redes sociais, sites, newsletters, banners e publicidade online.

  • Events

    The Dupla creates layout and customized contents for social media, websites, newsletters, banners, and online advertising.

  • Advertising & Marketing

    We plan and create campaign for various media channels. No matter what type of platform, media or technology that’s coming up, what matters – and will always matter – is a good idea.

  • Branding & Design

    Solutions that incorporate the digital and graphic designs to create unique experiences aligned to the creation and positioning of brands. The results are projects that bring a new perspective to the success of our clients’ business.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing campaigns are created to expand the exposition of brands, products and services, searching for the best results.


Who is the Couple

  • Rafael Braga

    Rafael Braga is an advertising specialist, post-graduated in Corporate Communications (Universidade Cândido Mendes). He studied Advertising creation and writing at ESPM-RJ. He is a consultant for Sebrae/RJ in Advertising and Marketing, Design, Strategical Marketing, Visual Identity and Events. He has been a Design and Advertising Creation professor in Rio de Janeiro. He was also art director, editor and creation director of important agencies in Rio de Janeiro, such as Casa da Criação, Packaging Brands e Plá, having clients such as Oi, Stella Barros, Embratel, Bradesco Saúde, Casa Shopping, Queiroz Galvão e Spoleto. He was shortlisted for the Colunistas Rio 2012 Awards and winner of Festival do Minuto Regional 2004.

    Check his portfolio here.

  • Flavia Resende

    Flávia Resende is a journalist, post-graduated in Corporate Communications (UBM), Events Management (UFLA) and Municipal Public Management (UFF).

    She was a reporter for CBN Radio and Jornal O Dia, among others.

    Flavia started her career as press officer for BNDES and was also Head of Communications for Barra Mansa City Hall (RJ). Now she advises and manages the communication department of several organizations and institutions in Rio de Janeiro State, and she is one of the partners of the Dupla.



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